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Ana Marques Gastão

(B. 1962)

We are not talking of feminine sensitiveness in the most obvious sense of the term, but of a refinement of the soul and a capacity for poetical evocation, a sublimation of feelings through a fresh, clean, purified look within its (minimal) simplicity.

Ana Marques Gastão, who trained as a lawyer, is a poet, a journalist and a literary critic. She is currently the assistant editor of Colóquio Letras, the literary journal published by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Poetry books since 2000:

Terra sem Mãe (2000), Três Vezes Deus (in collaboration with António Rego Chaves et Armando Silva Carvalho) (2001), Nocturnos (2002), Nós/Nudos (Noeuds) (translated into French by Catherine Dumas) (2004), Nós/Nudos, 25 poemas sobre 25 obras de Paula Rego (2007), Lápis Mínimo (2008), Adornos (2011), L de Lisboa (2015)



27 Abril, 2017By bitcliq

For once say how your body adjusts to the surface
of your words. Speak a previous afterwards, the demented
sleep in the gash of light; the violent flight or cyclical
wound, intemperate absence over my skin when
your scent lingers untimely in my hands.

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Iron-red tea

Were your body a teapot, sleek
and slender, face unseen
and hands like iron-red stems,
were your mouth to release a roofless
wind drawing up with smoke
a lush hissing garden,
I would myself become a You in my
high gorged, fruit-shaped nothingness,
eager handled, forged in the flame
you kindled, untamed and triangular.

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Hippocras wine

I will never know the distance from the lips
to the nose or from the spark to the fire-lit ground.
We are always less than that we have most
beautifully done and everything else, ungrateful,
we forget. From the spelling we take
the hippocras wine, from the cold the water, from the fire
the vapours of braised partridge.

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