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Daniel Jonas

(B. 1973)

Daniel Jonas’s poetry is thematically encompassing and has a classical and, at times, visionary intertextual approach. Its language is incredibly rich, even baroque, and able to set lyrical sceneries for the most ironical profiles. He has followed a very singular path, definitely different from the most recent Portuguese poetry.

Daniel Jonas was born in Porto where he currently lives. He works as a teacher and besides being a poet, he is also a dramatist and a translator.

Poetry books since 2000:

Moça formosa, lençóis de veludo (2002), Os fantasmas inquilinos (2005), Sonótono (2007), Passageiro Frequente (2013), Nós (2014)


Sad are my days with stones

Sad are my days with stones
instead of hands
or my head sunk into the deep
whiteness of my pillow
and my body squashed by feeble cranes.
Those are days to cry for less
or to plaintively argue with a shiny skull,
a convex tapping
on the lingering wall.

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