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David Teles Pereira

(B. 1985)

David Teles Pereira moves within a vast universe of influences which projects a diffuse identity on his poetry; if it seduces the reader, in a first instance, it quickly brings disquietude and challenge. He combines fine humour with cynicism; from a spiritual and jolly tone, he suddenly steps into aggression. Even when it delights us, the beauty in his poetry is already embracing an act of treason.

David Teles Pereira is one of the editors of the literary magazine Criatura. He works in Lisbon as a writer, critic, blogger, publisher, university lecturer in law and law consultant.

Poetry books since 2000:

Criatura nº4 Dezembro (2009), Biografia (2010), Criatura nº 6 Novembro (2011), Lobos (with Diogo Vaz Pinto and Golgona Anghel) (2013)


Welcome to years zero

At my age, my father was already an honourable man;
my grandfather was in the merchant navy,
he occasionally fired one or two rockets
towards dry land in homage to his love for a woman
whom he had met before my grandmother and who
would have given me blue eyes and far fewer problems.
Aged eighteen my parents took part in the Revolution.

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Pink Elegy

I’m the son of those who fought on the 25th of April 1974
so that I might stay at home, bored, writing
about what I’ll never be.
I’m not heroic except perhaps in my own style.
I’m a tragi-comic, a tremendous sensationalist,
I can be bought on every badly lit street corner
in this city of fluorescent vortexes which didn’t see me born.

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Biography, Part IV (the land)

There are days when I can’t think of a single word
I might want to say to you, days when boundaries between men
are permanently open to the clutching of hands
like a necktie closing on the shirt collar.
I don’t even think about your cloud dying every day at my door,
but tell me, after all tell me whatever you feel.

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