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João Bosco da Silva

(B. 1985)

João’s poetry is like a set of keys that keeps opening doors, small hints that carry us very far. As if poetry were for him an inhabiting of inner echoes that are heard within ourselves as new places, new spaces of sex and death, a creative force, life’s dynamics.

João Bosco da Silva was born in Bragança and spent most of his childhood and adolescence at Torre de Dona Chama, a village in the North-East of Portugal. He currently lives and works in Finland.

Poetry books since 2000:

Os Poemas de Ninguém (2009), Disse-me António Montes (2010), Bater Palmas E Sete Palmos De Terra Nos Olhos (2011), Saber Esperar Pelo Vazio (2012), Destilações (2014), Trepanação de Jerónimo Bosch (2015), Teoria da Perdição Unificada (2017), Um Tropeço nos Dias Quentes (2019).