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Miguel Cardoso

(B. 1976)

Miguel Cardoso’s poetry suggests a ‘civilisational arrival’; it is verbose and itemised, with a tendency to be gregarious. The author creates a structure attempting a full view of the world: he utilises materials which can be ordinary and currently used and others less explicit which he attempts to tie up together in different ways. He does this in a most candid manner as his books follow a sequential urgency and each one boasts its own cosmogony.

Miguel Cardoso is a translator and is, at the moment, working on a PhD in the field of English Literature. He lives in Lisbon.

Poetry books since 2000:

Que se diga que vi como a faca corta (2010)


The world, therefore

21 Setembro, 2018By bitcliq

The world, therefore.
That which handles us.
Summons us: in another manner
of speaking.
Will this be its endeavour
(let’s call it that way) and the reason
for its chances, needs,
its unfinished devices,
its discrete insistences
and our laughing
(let’s call it that way) loudly amongst
that which is left unfulfilled in places.

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All over again

So this was it, this sly impurity unknowingly
inherited, this space, this vague song,
these fainted spasms, these times, this world,
this edginess, these bits of earth, this dramatic
inertia, these not so sharpened teeth, these same
faces, flat against the ground, this remorse, these cafés
in which we recover from defeat, this emptying
of ashtrays , these afternoons, this throat
cleared for nothing and the yellow and sweet
cough lozenges, the lucidity, the oscillating sound
of bells, the burning satisfaction of rare
liquids, the adjustable light of bulb dimmers,
the acidity of laughter, the neatly folded envelopes,
and the days, always the days, yet again the days.

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