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Ricardo Marques

(B. 1983)

In a few years, Ricardo Marques has defined an autonomous space in Portuguese poetry, creating a reflective and intimate discourse, which seeks to see the present through an interpretation of the past, as the hidden source of a “profound art of living”.

Ricardo Marques is a poet and translator who lives in Lisbon. He has translated different poets into Portuguese: Anne Carson, Billy Collins, D.H. Lawrence, Patti Smith, Vicente Huidobro and Tennessee Williams, among others. His most recent poems in English were published in the anthology Europoe – an anthology of 21st century innovative European poetry (Kingston Univ. Press, 2019). In the autumn of 2019, a ground breaking anthology on European Futurist poetry, organised and translated by him, was published for the first time in Portuguese.

Poetry books since 2000:

Eudaimonia - 2012 (ed. de autor); Servidões - 2013 (não edições); Bucólica - 2014a (não edições); Didascálias - 2014b (do lado esquerdo); Metamorphoses - 2015 (não edições); Ruinenlust - 2016 (não edições); A noite – 2017 (Alambique); Lucidez – 2019 (não edições)