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Rui Miguel Ribeiro

(B. 1974)

The discreet strength of Rui Miguel Ribeiro’s poems rests in his ‘refusal of literary images’ (Europa e mais três poemas, p. 37). His are poems that describe, in an non-frilled manner, the experience of discovering or imagining, even in the greatest aridness, the signs for ‘some life’ (XX Dias, p. 13). And all this is extraordinarily precious in hard times such as ours.

Rui Ribeiro was born in Porto. His is a Mathematician and lives in Lisbon. He had his first poems published at the age of 24 and continues to contribute to several poetry publications, such as Criatura, Telhados de Vidro and Resumo.

Poetry books since 2000:

Europa e mais três poemas (2007), XX Dias (2009), Um outro lugar (2011)



24 Setembro, 2018By bitcliq

Standing on the dust we remember the distances,
the ways and pretences of empire,
the Canopo, the absent bodies
under the sun’s asymmetry.
Surrounded by silence and the scent of olives,
only dust, here, deserves its residence.
The hill’s flatness, the Tivoli landscape.
On the living pillars, still standing,
the aligned traces of an age.
More than enough centuries for a toast to death.

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Café, not Müller. A variation
of that mourning exercise is playing here,
where I pass time with a glass of wine
and the re-reading of your comments.
In these provisional words and the
time they take to become
an answer, I consume what isn’t
here, one last dance of
the waiters’ movements

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In this slow motion
I hope the days will go by all the same,
unvarying and without resistance.
I seek to understand what is simplest
in each mystery.
I stick to what is most reachable,
most solid, least constructed.

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13 Julho, 2018By bitcliq

The loneliness of the afternoon sets out what Lisbon
carries in its encamped promontory:
half faces in cadenzas of backlighting
awnings axing sunlight on the esplanades,
piled up walls, windows and ironwork
spilling down to the Tagus
where the city’s voices drown.

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