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Tatiana Faia

(B. 1986)

In Tatiana’s poetry, one can sometimes feel the releasing of the words, an undefined disorder, the brief sound of arrivals and departures and yet, her writing brings light to the labyrinths, welcomes the poem and embodies its life.

Tatiana is a classicist and has a PhD in the area of Ancient Greek Literature. She also shares editorial responsibilities in the literary magazines Ítaca and Ágio.

Poetry books since 2000:

Lugano (2011)



24 Setembro, 2018By bitcliq

he had been the keeper of two cats
an orchid turned to ash
the keeper of an arch set northwards
by sentries and walls
clothes lines and some flowerpots
open to the sun exposed
to april showers to the drumming
of everyday annoying music

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drunken men
singing in the streets
spring a younger
god his beginnings
in the plaiting of dark hair
grabbed you by the wrists
on that cobbled narrow street
vengeful magnetic
you swung round on yourself
hesitant arm at first
hand against your back
then pulled you in
searching your thighs

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thatwasalltherewas to it

they told you a lie you walked back
three steps on the pier’s treacherous boards
still trying to balance like a cat
it was winter and you only jumped
not to disappoint them or was it because
of the pendulous certainty
that for everything there’s a rope or something
connecting us to being alive

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