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Yvette K. Centeno

(B. 1940)

In Yvette K. Centeno's poetry, as well as in her essays, the affinity with the spiritual world and the encounter between immanence and transcendence are well known characteristics. I can't resist attempting to define them in their entirety by quoting the first stanza of her poem, 'The Garden': 'Rain is compassionate./ It effaces tears, / The soul's blazing embers./ (...)' (in Canções do Rio Profundo, 2002).

Yvette K. Centeno was born in Lisbon of a Polish mother and a Portuguese father. Besides poetry, she is the author of many novels, plays, essays and translations of works by Stendhal, Goethe, Shakespeare, Brecht, Celan and René Char. She published her first poetry book in 1961 followed by another eight books.

Poetry books since 2000:

Cancões do Rio Profundo (2002), Outonais (2011)


Through the Looking-glass

2 Outubro, 2018By bitcliq

You were always the stranger:
hair plaited on the side
eyes that stared straight ahead
the green of your pinafore
was an unsuitable
you had many homes
you left and left
you never did stay
and when half way there
as the others followed
you turned back

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Evening falls softly
on top of the hills
birds are quiet
hares and rabbits
lie in their burrows
a bat hangs
from a pomegranate
crafty cats
jump over roofs
looking for nests
or careless mice
moonlight in August
down by the road
lovers talk

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In Carroll’s Soup

Carroll’s soup
takes a bit
of everything:
it takes beasts
chopped off
all seasoned
very well indeed
with powders
that make you sneeze
and teapots
still very very hot
and heads
of little girls
with dreams
planted on top
the girls
the girls

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