Poems From The Portuguese
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2 Outubro, 2018By bitcliq

Evening falls softly
on top of the hills
birds are quiet
hares and rabbits
lie in their burrows
a bat hangs
from a pomegranate
crafty cats
jump over roofs
looking for nests
or careless mice
moonlight in August
down by the road
lovers talk

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Woman Overboard

21 Setembro, 2018By bitcliq

MAYDAY I break out: the hard war endures;
empty is the vessel from which I part –
it slacks in the deep, bored by the sway,
a leaking slit, a lack – not in the least
a cork pail with pores made to drift.
I specify: it’s terracotta, it cracks
and I am sparse in dense fluidity.
Too late, I know, help will come, if ever
so feebly I flash in obscurity
and the writing does not stay on water;
here I lie: hardly an erasure, less
than a seam the wave will slowly stitch
a slumbering quilt over where I sink.

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Where it says God, it should say death.
Where it says poetry, it should say nothing.
Where it says literature, it should say what?
Where it says I , it should say death.
Where it says love, it should say Inês .
Where it says cat, it should say Barnabé.
Where it says friendship, it should say friendship.
Where it says pub, it should say salvation.
Where it says pub, it should say perdition.
Where it says world , it should say get me out of here.
Where it says Manuel de Freitas, it must
surely be a very sad place.

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